Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon Dr. Henjyoji


Breast enlargement or augmentation is a surgery which places a silicone or saline breast implant behind the breast tissue to produce a desired amount of fullness. The decided size of the implant either submuscular (behind a part of the pectoralis major muscle and breast tissue) or subglandular (behind the breast tissue only). A dual plane placement may help provide some internal lift to the breast. The created breast space must be precise and trial implants help determine the final volume of the implant. The selected implant must be placed as aseptically as possible into the breast space, and always washing implant and breast space with antibiotic solutions during the final insertion.
  I usually use round implants, which are available in different profiles depending on the patient’s chest and breasts. The profile chosen and saline versus silicone gel will be discussed with the patient.